Until recently, the striptill drills were often thought to be mainly used on quite large areas. Nowadays, it is beyond any doubt for many that such a multifunctional machine, which allows fertilisation, drilling and cultivation, can also be used on slightly smaller farms. In fact, the multifunctionality of the implement makes savings fairly possible.

What do you need to know about the strip-till unit?

The machines can be used for the seed drilling of various crops. They mostly support the cultivation of beans, rape, maize, wheat and peas. Striptill drills are used for the cultivation of fairly narrow strips of soil. Seed drilling in the narrow bands of soil can also be combined with applying fertilisers, among other things. These types ofagricultural machines are also used to loosen up the soil, which makes it better aerated, and water can penetrate more easily (a striptill drill usually loosens up the soil to a depth of 20-30 cm).

Precision plays a big part in this whole process. Modern striptill drills are designed to focus on precise operation. The best results are achieved when the seed is drilled in the exact centre of the tilled band of soil. Such precision would be extremely difficult to achieve with a different technology. Completing the drill and tillage separately makes planning quite complicated, as advanced parallel driving systems have to be used, among other things. Striptill drills have made farmers’ work much easier in this respect.

What else should a striptill machine have?

In addition to the aforementioned precision, a striptill drill should also be a cost-efficient machine. This saving mainly refers to fuel economy. As the implement combines the operation of several units, no additional equipment, and therefore no additional fuel, is needed.

A professional agricultural seed drill must loosen soil deep enough in the growth zone of the root system, which allows the soil to retain moisture after rain for a longer period, among other things. Striptill drills also reduce soil erosion compared to standard tillage. This is because of mulch which remains intact in the uncultivated strips during the seed drill pass.

For these modern agricultural seed drills to really increase the efficiency of a farmer’s work to a large extent, they must show a low failure rate and high resistance to external conditions. These factors are key to look out for when buying any of these machines. Buying a high quality solution is especially important when it comes to seed drills, because any issues can halt planned activities in the field and thus reduce crop yields. Fortunately enough, the reliable manufacturers put a lot of emphasis on the precise workmanship and efficiency of each component that makes up a striptill implement.

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