Mzuri Agro | Seeders and aggregates for strip cultivation, subsoilers

  • Pro-Til

    Not only is precision in soil fertilisation important for crop growth. With the seed drill applying fertiliser only into target areas, you avoid fertilising weeds.

  • Pro-Til Select

    The SELECT series implements are designed for seeding both cereals, rape, and crops grown in wide row widths, such as maize, sunflower, etc. MZURI- Pro-Til cultivates narrow strips of land, applies fertilisers and drills seed in a single pass.

  • Pro-Til Xzact

    The XZACT series means precision at the highest level. They are innovative precision seeders for sowing maize, soya, rape and sunflower.

  • Rezult

    The REZULT are soil preparation implements that facilitate handling straw and crop residue when distributing it evenly over the field to accelerate its decomposition. It is a great help in seedbed preparation.

  • Rehab

    REHAB is a modern subsoiler that offers minimum surface disturbance. It increases available oxygen and nutrients in deeper layers, stimulates root growth and improves plant health.