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Interest rates as low as 0.00%

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Gross 24 month loan Gross 36 month loan

REZULT 105,000

Gross 84 month loan 2.99% 5×20 7×15,000 10%/VAT/semi-annual instalments
Oprocentowanie 0,00% 0,00% 2,99%
pierwsza wpłata 20% PLN 15,000 10%
okres finansowania(m-ce) 24 36 84
raty kapitałowe semi-annual semi-annual semi-annual
raty miesięczne instalments of PLN 5 instalments of PLN 5 Interest based
ubezpieczenie IGL package IGL package IGL package


Idea Getin Leasing S.A. is the operator of the programme.

For details on the offer contact our representatives (Łukasz on +48 725 900 922, Monika on +48 725 900 932) and consultants at Idea Getin Leasing.

The information contained in these materials is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, in particular Article 66 et seq. of the Civil Code. Concluding a financing agreement and its terms and conditions depend in each case on the outcome of a review of the Client’s creditworthiness as well as transaction risks and conditions.